Pixord P-1000 Network Video Server -only 4 left!

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Pixord P-1000 Network Video Server  -only 4 left!
Pixord P-1000 Network Video Server  -only 4 left!

PiXORD 1000 Internet Video Server is an Internet-based digital video server, capable of connecting one channel of video sources to distribute their compressed live video into Intranet-Internet through Ethernet connection.

PiXORD 1000 is a self-contained Web Server, so users could access the Camera Server just browsing website over Internet using standard browser such as Explorer TM or Netscape TM, and do all the management, configuration, and monitoring easily.

PiXORD 1000 contains image compression chipset that is capable of delivering standard JPEG, MJPEG, and real-time video into limited network bandwidth.


Self-Contained HTTP Web Server providing Internet capability

IP assignment via ARP/Web Page/IP Installer easy to install for users.

JAVA-based web page providing maximum platform compatibility

Active-X control for Internet Explorer tm providing maximum performance.

Motion Detection / Date / Time / GPIO Input for event trigger

Email / FTP / Internal Buffer Storage / Relay Out / PPP Dialout for event action

Programmable event script for various applications.

PiXORD DDNS support for dynamic IP application 3- layer User Security Control

Remote Upgradeable firmware and user content pages via FTP

Server operating control through CGI base script easy for users to integrate the application for users.

Standard BNC connectors, automatic video standard (NTSC/PAL) detection.

Green power, fan less, hardware watchdog providing robustness system in critical environment

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Pixord P-1000 Network Video Server -only 4 left!

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