Compression crimp tool # 927509

Item #:927509
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Compression crimp tool # 927509
Compression crimp tool # 927509Compression crimp tool # 927509

Compression crimp tool # 927509

Compression Tool for F RCA BNC RG6 RG59 and RG11 .

All-In-One compression tool offers technicians the ability to install a wide variety of F, RCA, and BNC compression connectors on RG6, RG59, and Quad Shield RG6. This innovative tool utilizes a vertical compression style which makes adjusting the tool a breeze. Switching between different connectors and connector styles is quick and easy with this compression tools two plunger adjustments. Beneath the plunger is a measuring guide to make finding the same compression point as simple as possible. The tools ratchet mechanism is designed to prevent the release of the connector prior to full compression. The tool features ergonomic handles with soft rubber inlays for a comfortable grip.

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Compression crimp tool # 927509

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