Aiphone AX Series Provides Top Notch Security for Every Business

Aiphone AX Series Provides Top Notch Security for Every Businessbrand new

Now you can have top-notch security for your business with an Aiphone AX audio and video security system. With this groundbreaking security system, you can control who enters your building, speak with someone outside of the building and confirm their identity before allowing them access into your business. This top of the line security system is perfect for any type of business that needs to monitor who is coming and going—such as a school. Here are some of the great features this system has to offer.

  • You can control access to your building from one of the Aiphone AX system’s eight possible master stations, and install between 8 to 120 remote stations, door stations or sub stations, depending on which devices you purchase for your security system, at entry points in the building. You can even add door stations to parking areas, such as parking garages!
  • Use the master stations to control the building’s door locks or to call other master and remote stations throughout the building. At we have three master stations for you to choose from. These include a color video station in black, audio only station, and a color video station in white.
  • You can incorporate the Aiphone AX series audio and video system into the security mechanisms you already have in place.
  • This security system allows you to install a paging adaptor to broadcast announcements throughout the system. Play background music over the paging device when you hook it up to a paging amplifier.
  • Protect video door stations during non business hours with a stainless steel lockable box enclosure.
  • Through the Aiphone AX system’s software, you are able to hook up the AX series security system to a multitude of devices, including CCTV cameras, DVRs, a computer or an outside telephone line.

At, we strive to provide you with the most up to date technology and affordable prices, which is why we’ve provided you with a variety of choices from Aiphone. The Aiphone company is very detail orientated, and all of their systems are made to last. The Aiphone AX series security system is an easy to use, affordable, and easy to install system for providing your business with first-rate security and communication. Visit us at today to see all we have to offer in our selection of Aiphone products in their AX series.

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Protecting your home or business is a must. Security surveillance systems work to keep an eye on what matters most to you, and ensure your family and business investment is safe. In the event there is a break-in, our security camera systems will help identify the intruder and return your valuables back to the rightful owner: you! Imagine the peace of mind you will have knowing that video security systems are carefully watching over your possessions at all times. We have been online since 1999, and we have heard from so many of our loyal customers just how security surveillance systems protected their home and business from the prying hands of intruders. We are not only security camera systems suppliers, but we are experts in the industry. Do not hesitate to call us at 866.SPY.TOWN with any and all questions you have on choosing the ideal video security systems for your needs.
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